• Board of Directors

Per Båtelson, Chairman of the Board

Born in 1950 and founder of Takura. Engineer educated at Chalmers in Gothenburg, with many years of experience in both the international chemicals industry and medical care in Europe. Among other things, founder and long-time CEO of Capio and GHP, formerly member of the Boards of Directors of Karolinska Hospital, Apoteket, and Humana.

”I am health rebel and want to change the health care system as we know it. My vision is to be able to cure diseases that take lives today – or not even develop these diseases in the first place. The stem cell revolution gives hope for the future.”

Charlotte Holtback, Director

Born in 1969. Civil engineer in Industrial Economics educated at Chalmers. Charlotte has worked as a management consultant for 20 years, focusing on strategy, organization, and change management, first at Arthur D. Little for seven years and then through her own business. Her experience spans many different industries, but healthcare and medical care have always been areas of focus, with engagements from, among others, St. Göran, Karolinska, Sahlgrenska, Capio, Unilabs and Aleris. Charlotte is now studying at Sahlgrenska Academy and will begin working as a physician in 2021.

“At Takura, being able to combine my interests in both medicine and business development is extremely stimulating. Cell therapy in particular is a genuine field of the future for medical research which, in a number of respects, will revolutionize the life science industry.”

Leif Lundblad, Director

Born in 1938. He is one of Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs, whose best-known company is Inter Innovation, which was based on his invention of the bank note dispenser for ATM machines. In addition, he has started some ten companies and been granted over 300 patents. At present, he is Chairman of the Board of BANQIT AB and of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute (ESBRI), which he founded.

“Twenty years ago, I financed a successful project for Professor Jan Bergman. I realized then how important entrepreneurship is in terms of satisfying the significant medical needs we have in the world. My goal is for Takura to play an important role in this process.”

Simon Lindfors, Director

Born in 1964 and co-founder of Takura. He was educated at the Stockholm School of Economics and has extensive experience from investments and active ownership in health care companies. He has served on the board of directors of Capio, Unilabs, Humana, Avesina Healthcare, Avesina Hörsel and Elmborgs Tandvård among others. Currently a regional advisor to Rotschild´s PE fund Five Arrows Principal Investments in the Nordics and a semi-executive chair of Arcos Capital and Silvi Industries. Long experience from the private equity and venture capital industry. He has worked for Advent International, Apax Partners and IT Provider.

“Cell therapy and personalized biological therapies can potentially revolutionize care. It is thrilling. Takura helps a number of world leading researchers in creating medical products and commercializing their discoveries and inventions.”

Håkan Hallberg, CEO

Born in 1958 and started as CEO of Takura in 2018. He was educated at the Stockholm School of Economics and has many years of experience with companies involved in pharmaceutical products development, as well as in medical care and patient care, including  Karo Bio, Previa, Aleris and Frösunda Omsorg. In addition, he was a partner and CFO of Segulah, a private equity firm.

“I have a passion for this industry, since the needs to be met are so significant. The public system is insufficient in terms of quickly applying innovations and adapting to customer needs and demands. That’s why I’m at Takura today.”