• The Company

Takura is a young clinical phase cell therapy company built on Swedish research and innovations. Takura’s aim is to develop advanced cell therapies for the future and make them accessible to people in need of treatments. Main area of expertise is production and application of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) in humans. Takura also has a holding in Cellavos, a veterinary medicine company developing MSC treatments for horses and other animals. 

Takura’s owners and scientists have extensive experience in cell production as well as deep clinical knowledge. There are two Medical Products Agency (MPA) approved trials (phase I/II) with our bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) in Sweden. One on vocal fold injuries conducted at Karolinska in Stockholm and one on covid-19 patients suffering from ARDS conducted at Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala. Preliminary results are expected in 2021.

There are growing needs for MSC therapies; the aging population and increased incidence of chronic diseases are the two most important drivers. The possibility of replacing surgical procedures with cell therapy treatments will also create great commercial opportunities in the future. 

MSC has proved to be safe and effective in treating inflammation, auto-immunity and orthopedic disorders. A large number of clinical trials, especially Phase I/II, with MSC are ongoing around the world. Nevertheless, hardly any commercial allogenic MSC products have reached the market so far. The clinics that offer MSC treatments globally mainly use autologous cells, i.e. the patient’s own cells, which makes the treatment more complicated, more expensice and less effective than the allogeneic treatments, i.e. donated cells. 

Takura was founded in 2016 by the serial health care entrepreneur Per Båtelson. The company is owned by the founder together with Simon Lindfors, Leif Lundblad, the Holtback family, the Ingeborn family and Håkan Hallberg.