• IsletOne AB


Takura’s ownership interest: 49%

The company works with stromal cells and has developed a strong IP platform. The IP which involves indications and treatment methods has been transferred to the affiliated company StromaBio, while the IP which contains methods for cell cultures and markers has been retained. IsletOne thus focuses on cell production and its continued development, as well as  on production and use of exosomes. The IP was created by Katarina Le Blanc, Karl-Henrik Grinnemo, Oscar Simonson and others – all of whom are international leaders in the area – at Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University.


Uppsala University has commenced a cooperation with AstraZeneca, which is based on IsletOne’s IP. AstraZeneca will obtain the rights to continued development of pharmaceutical products for an indication in the area of cardiology, while IsletOne will retain the right to other indications.

Business model

The methods for production of stromal cells and exosomes will be licensed to leading pharmaceutical companies for use in treatment of a large number of specific medical conditions. The licensing agreement will comprise up-front payment, milestone payments, and royalties on sales proceeds.