• From the founder

The area of cell therapy is the most interesting area for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and communicable diseases. These new treatments will revolutionize medical care in the future.

My opinion in this respect is based on over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and it is the reason why I started Takura. We will accelerate development in the area of cell therapy by investing in, and building, companies in this field.

My personal motivation comes from my experiences in the healthcare sector, together with an increasing insight into the way in which our genes are not suited to the rapid lifestyle changes that have occurred over the course of only a few generations. Our own cells can be the key to completely new treatments against diseases which, in the worst case, are deadly.

The idea for Takura came about in 2015, when I read the results from the first clinical studies with engineered T-cells, i.e. immune cells from a patient with cancer, which were modulated in order to recognize, and differentiate between, the patient’s cancer cells and their healthy cells. The results were ground-breaking. Cell treatments with very good results have also been carried out with stromal cells, i.e. immune modulating cells. These cells have shown – within widely disparate areas such as diabetes type I, heart failure, and arthritis – that they can disrupt the course of inflammation, including autoimmune inflammation and the like, and re-create healthy tissue without scar formation or other defects which can have a negative impact on the patient. To date, all development has taken place at leading university hospitals in Europe and the United States, but the development is still in its infancy.

Takura’s business concept is to work with leading researchers and clinics to scale up and commercialize these treatments so that they become available to more people.

Per Båtelson, Founder & Chairman of the Board