• Business concept and business activities

The area of cell therapies is the most interesting area in terms of being able to treat cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and communicable diseases. These new treatments will revolutionize healthcare in the future.

Takura’s business concept is, in its capacity as an investment company and together with leading researchers and clinics, to scale up and commercialize these treatments so that they become available to more people. At present, we have invested in and started four portfolio companies in different areas. We will develop these through active owner control and, at the same time, search for additional research results and companies to invest in.

Takura has a broad network of individuals with many years of experience in medical research, clinical activities, and industry; this is a significant asset for our portfolio companies and increases the possibilities to quickly accelerate and build commercially sustainable companies.

The companies we invest in are based on frontier research. Ownership is the tie that binds researchers, entrepreneurs, and key employees to the companies.

Takura´s long time view, sector expertise and our network is what adds value to our portfolio companies. To secure engagement from the researchers they are invited as minority shareholders . The combination of advanced research, experience and capital is a formula for success.

Takura is owned (directly and through companies) by Per Båtelson, Simon Lindfors, Leif Lundblad, the Holtback family, and Håkan Hallberg.